When does the WAF course start & end?

Start: Monday 14/03/2022 at 20.00, with our first live group session on Zoom.

Module 1/lesson 1 available: on Monday 14/03/2020 at 12.00.

End: Friday 3/06/2022 at 20.00, with the last Zoom session.

What are the exact dates of the live Zoom sessions? What if i can't always join?

The dates for our 6 online sessions are:  14/03, 25/03, 15/04, 6/05, 27/05, 3/06

Every session will be recorded and the video replay will be sent to you that same evening. I do recommend to participate in live sessions as often as possible though, because it deepens your experience and each woman is adding valuable energy to these calls.

Will i get personal support from you during the course?

No, unless you’ve chosen the EXTRA package option with four Reiki sessions. I will answer the most relevant questions in our Zoom sessions and in the Facebook group so that everyone can benefit from it.

What is Reiki and how does a Reiki session work?

Reiki means “universal life force/energy” and is a healing modality originated in Japan. The Reiki practitioner places her hands in particular hand positions (always the same) on the body of the person undergoing the treatment and lets the healing Reiki energy flow into the body. The session takes about 70 minutes. There are live, so called ‘hands on sessions’ and ‘distance sessions’ possible.

A Reiki session works on all layers of your being: the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, bringing you exactly what your system needs to be supported. Results are usually: deep relaxation, insights, unblocking of the energy flow, higher energy levels, better sleep. During a Reiki treatment we can be quiet and let the energy do the work in silence, but we can also talk about certain topics if that is what comes up. Each session is different in that matter. I was initiated in my first Reiki grade (Usui Shiki Ryoho) in January 2010 by Reiki master Marcel Vis and got my second grade in August 2018.  I have been actively practicing this system ever since and am a big fan of its working. It has truly changed my life.

From the four Reiki sessions that are in the “EXTRA” package, the first one needs to be a ‘hands on’ session. The rest can then either be live or distance treatments. This means you’d need to travel to The Hague where i live for at least the first session at my place.

Do i need to have experience with personal development, yoga or meditation?

No. There is no previous experience required and everyone can join at their own level. It is important to realise that we will be working with the body & mind connection and you need to be willing to investigate your inner world and your feelings on a regular basis. If this is something you don’t like, it can be challenging to participate.

Is this course like a therapy group?

No. The WAF course is created to keep you awake, ignite change & initiate personal transformation. It is not meant as a replacement of proper therapy. Its online structure and resources are too limited for that. However it can definitely be great to do this course in combination with extra external support within your own resources.

One of the modules is about sensuality? What do you mean by that?

Sensuality to me means the connection to our sensory cognition, the capacity to be fully present in the now through our senses and our ability to fully receive and enjoy our sensations. Some people confuse it with sexuality. To me these are two different themes. Even though sexuality can be sensual, sensuality in itself doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with sexuality.

I am pregnant, is it ok for me to join?

Yes. We are working with deepening the connection to our feminine energy, which can be beneficial during pregnancy. However, if you know there can be blockages or trauma hidden in your system that can be touched when we go deeper,  it can be better to join the course after the pregnancy. The physical practices are safe, but if there are poses better to be avoided by pregnant women in my yoga videos – i will always mention modification options.  

I take anti depression medication, is that a problem?

In the WAF course we are slowing down to unwind our nervous system, so we can feel ourselves on a deeper level. Medication usually suppresses feelings, but feelings are exactly what we want to dive into these eight weeks. The question is what kind of medication and how much. I’d recommend you contact me personally so we can talk and see what can work in your best interest. In combination with professional help next to the course it can work greatly, but sometimes it is better to wait with participating until you are on less or completely off medication.

Why do we only work with four chakras, if there are seven?

The four lower chakras form a foundation for the higher chakras (and everything else in our system) to work properly. Just like a tree needs strong roots to grow higher, we also can expand more in consciousness when we are grounded in our bodies. In this first WAF course we will focus on strengthening this foundation, which in my eyes is the core work in connecting with the feminine energy. We will work with the upper three chakras in a separate course.

I have decided to create two separate, shorter courses that built upon each other, rather than one long course.

In the next course ~ a continuation of WAF (autumn 2022) ~ we will focus on the upper half of our chakra system, starting at the heart and working our way up. It will have the same set up: an 8-week course, working 2 weeks with each module. The course will only be available for women who have previously participated in WAF 1.

How long will i have access to the online material?

You will have access to the online material for one year. I have chosen for this time limit, as the experience has learned that with a time pressure more people actually finish the course. The audio material is downloadablewhich gives you the freedom to come back to it whenever you want. You will get 50% discount for all the future rounds & versions of the course (& live online meetings). 

Will WAF run again in the future ?

Yes, it is planned for the spring 2023 again.