1-4 MARCH 2022

~ Embrace your feminine nature ~ 

  4 days ~ Instagram online challenge to Joyful Womanhood  

Hallo Precious!

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Love, Kinga x

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 What to expect?

Welcome to the FREE  #womenalivechallenge2022 starting 1/03/2022!

Women Alive Challenge 2022 is a 4 day online event that offers you a basic understanding on connecting to, nourishing and sustaining your feminine energy.

This free mini course takes place in a closed, private INSTAGRAM group so make sure you sign up below to get a secret link via mail. 

This challenge is a 4-day mini taster of a bigger program for women: 12 week Women Alive FUNdamentals course starting 14/03/2022 (click to read more). AND a course on its own. It is all about cultivating our feminine energy, aliveness & radiance as women, which we can all well use in these crazy times. 

  • The structure of this mini challenge is based on the 4 modules of my longer program, with following topics:
    Day 1 ~ Embodied
    Day 2 ~ Alive
    Day 3 ~ Empowered
    Day 4 ~ In Love
  • DAY 4 ~ 19.30 Group session on Zoom, Q & A

Every day 10.00 in the morning (CET), for four days, I will be adding new content in the Insta group, connected to the topic of the day, as well as some stories. It should’t take you more than 20 min. I have topics per day I wanna share about, but also for me this will be intuitive free-flowing, deciding in the moment in what form exactly this will come out. It can be some theory, video, yin yoga, embodiment practice, dancing…I really wanna follow my feminine energy to create this, tuned into the energy of the group joining. So, in a way we are all creating this vortex together.

On the last day 4th March 19.30 CET I will be holding a Zoom meeting/webinar closing this container together, with a beautiful meditation, simple embodiment practice, open space for sharing & I will share more about the full WAF course answering questions.

In the last thirteen years i have explored different teachings & techniques with many great teachers, such as: chakra work & healing, reiki, yoga, tantra, shamanism, taoist practices & sexuality qigong, goddess archetypes, emdr & nlp, keltic year cycle, moon cycles, neuroscience, heart & brain coherence, quantum model of reality…It all resulted in the evolvement of my own ‘fusion tool box of favourites’, which i stick to & keep exploring.

In this CHALLENGE i focus mainly on chakra psychology, yin yoga & embodiment practices.

I am so excited and curious what this challenge will bring up for you (and me 😉 )  .

The Fruits of this work

Feeling happier, healthier and more relaxed in your own skin

Being in touch with your emotions, desires and the ability to access & express them with more ease

Falling in love with your true authentic self and having more confidence in living & sharing it

Experiencing more flow, effortlessness, joy, aliveness in daily life

Feeling greater self appreciation & pleasure of being in a feminine body

Setting boundries effortlessly & naturally, from a place of worth & confidence 

Experiencing a deeper level of intimacy with yourself and from there with those around you

Being proud to be a woman, sprinkling your feminine essence like fairy dust wherever you go

Being in connection to the wisdom of your body and your intuition 

Owning your sensuality, power and vulnerability and embracing all that you are and feel, more easily 

Feeling grounded in your heart and leading your life from there

Filling your own cup first, so you can share love from an overflowing abundance

Dearest Woman

I’m Kinga and my biggest passion in life is to help you thrive in your feminine body. The list above is literally a description of myself from years back, cut off from my feminine essence and emotions…

Born in Poland in 1982 during times of civil war,  having experienced domestic violence in my early years with an alcoholic dad, who was a soldier – I had ‘learned’ quickly that being a woman was not safe.

I became a tough young tomboy lady, looking strong for the outside world, but covering deep pain, a vulnerable heart and insecurities. I was confused in my body, longed to soften and was afraid to live fully…

My life so far has been an ongoing exploration and learning in breaking the chains of the past, freeing myself from old conditioning, experiencing that love and forgiveness really is the only way and in creating the life of my dreams. In exploring my female landscapes & landing in my feminine nature, in owning my power and the gifts of being a woman.

But mostly in embodying the full spectrum of my female expression, light & dark, sacred & profane, sweet & fiery and seeing them all as meaningful.

Since 2015 I have been (co)leading Women Circles, Retreats and a Year Training for women. I am a devoted reiki practitioner and since 2013 also a yoga teacher and my classes are very much YIN oriented these days, with the focus on deepening the feminine qualities in us all.

Coming back to my heart & owning my amazingness bits by bits resulted in remembering the innate joy of being alive. Sharing it with others makes me very happy.

This online course is the fruit of my explorations, filled with basic tools, that helped me come back home to myself and my joyful feminine nature.

Hallo Precious!

How fantastic you are investing time & your precious energy in yourself by joining the “Women Alive FUN challenge”! Simply leave your e-mail below, make sure to check your inbox & confirm your mail address in a moment. You’ll receive more info soon!

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Love, Kinga x

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