~ 26 May 2024, 19.00 ~ 22.45 ~ 

Location: Pomonaplein 49 A, The Hague

  “Experience the FUN of being a WOMAN, own your feminine GIFTS and discover the EASE of being unapologetically YOU”

Introducing: Women Alive Sanctuary ~ live, 4x mini 3,5h Summer Retreats starting Saturday 09 Juli, 17.00-20.30. The topics are building on top of each other, but you can join each time separately!

Women Alive SANCTUARY is a place where we withdraw from the outer world for a moment & take care of our precious selves, our aliveness & feminine energy. A place where we: 

connect, nourish, restore, release, learn, inspire, uplift, elevate, discharge, recharge, sense, unite, share, support, heal, commune, move, rest, digest, lean in, withdraw, express, introspect, include, welcome, experience, accept, appreciate, feel, love, & ARE, as we are. 

It’ll have a form of a woman circle, but that name doesn’t resonate with me any more. WA Sanctuary is so much more than that. I used to lead those 2015-2018 & have grown so much since i stopped due to business. Now i feel we need more than ever to come together again on a regular base & go deeper than before! No previous experience or happy vibes needed, just come as you are!

Depending on the vibes, we will move with what is needed that day, using different tools -which i cannot plan- as i follow the flow moment by moment. Dance, touch, little talking, lots of sensing & powerful chakra visualisation – is what you can expect every time. You’ll also receive a chakra pdf each time & spotify list afterwards.

Every 3 weeks, 4x late Saturday afternoons 17.00 – 20.30 + 1h potluck after, for who wants, 21.3o end, join separately, or all 4x, { 4x participants get 16€  (*10€) discount in the september event! }:

~ 9 July ~ Embodied (chakra 1)

~ 30 July ~ Alive (chakra 2)

~ 27 August ~ Empowered (chakra 3)

~ 10 September ~ In love (chakra 4)

Location: My Home

After booking your spot you get a confirmation mail with more information. You can book next events only after the previous one has happend.

Dearest Woman

I’m Kinga and my biggest passion in life is to help you thrive in your feminine body. For many years I had felt numb out, cut off from my feminine essence and emotions…

Born in Poland in 1982 during times of civil war,  having experienced domestic violence in my early years with an alcoholic dad, who was a soldier – I had ‘learned’ quickly that being a woman was not safe.

I became a tough young tomboy lady, looking strong for the outside world, but covering deep pain, a vulnerable heart and insecurities. I was confused in my body, longed to soften and was afraid to live fully…

My life so far has been an ongoing exploration and learning in breaking the chains of the past, freeing myself from old conditioning, experiencing that love and forgiveness really is the only way and in creating the life of my dreams. In exploring my female landscapes & landing in my feminine nature, in owning my power and the gifts of being a woman.

But mostly in embodying the full spectrum of my female expression, light & dark, sacred & profane, sweet & fiery and seeing them all as meaningful.

Since 2015 I have been (co)leading Women Circles, Retreats and a Year Training for women. I am a devoted reiki practitioner since 2010, and since 2013 also a yoga teacher and my classes are very much YIN oriented these days, with the focus on deepening the feminine qualities in us all. In all those years i have attended countless body work trainings & in 2020 i have added Healing Body Sessions & now also deeply transformative Pelvic Massage Journeys to my offerings.

Coming back to my heart & owning my amazingness bits by bits resulted in remembering the innate joy of being alive. Sharing it with others makes me very happy.

This online course is MODULE 1, part of my bigger Program WAF ~ the fruit of my explorations, filled with basic tools, that helped me come back home to myself and my joyful feminine nature.